Natural Solutions For Skin Tags

Article by Ramona Perry

Skin problems have less consequences but they are more troublesome for most of the people. One of the major skin problems that most of the people face is skin tag. Tags are small protrusions which arise on the skin. They vary in different sizes and shapes. They can be so small that they are hardly visible and can be 1-2 cm in size. Color of a skin tag is usually the skin color but at times it can be darker. Of course the people with a dark skin, the tags are darker in color and texture. People with any kind of skin can experience the skin tags.

Such tags are more common in people of older ages than among youngsters. Generally tags arise on individual’s skin after thirty years of age but he may face this situation earlier than thirty. Tags are not a sign of any major skin problem so one must relax on their appearance. People usually know that they are harmless, but still want to remove them from their skin due to cosmetic reasons. Various medicines are available in the market which claim solution to the problem but that is not the case. Many medicines even cause irritation, burning sensation, etc. on the skin.

You can find tags anywhere on your body not necessarily following any strict medical reason. Tags are generally more common in body parts which are in direct contact with other body parts or with one’s clothes. They would be found usually under the armpits, under neck or in private parts due to their constant touch with the body. Tags usually do not disappear on their own but there may be occasions when they do fall off the skin due to constant rubbing with the clothing. Self medication for tags may cause serious skin problems, so consulting a physician or a skin specialist may be a safer idea.

Most common treatments for skin tags include forced withering using strong ointments, freezing, burning and surgical treatment. A doctor would usually avoid recommending a surgical treatment for tags because of the associated risks of skin allergies or irritations as a result. To avoid any negative fallouts, use of ointments should be resorted since they are generally without any side effects. Medicines are used to destroy them by following the principle of denial of nutrients to the tags and therefore help in a safe removal of tags from the body. As a result, the tag falls after some days by itself without any negative effect on body. Elderly people should consult family physician or a dermatologist before using the medicines because their skin are more sensitive and may respond negatively to the medicines. Treatment differs from person to person as everyone has different types of skin.

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